Perplexus 3D Game Maze – Kill Time, Not your Kids


I need to take a trip to North Carolina in a few weeks, and from NYC, we’re talking just under 10 hours in the car. Keeping my kid entertained for a 20 minute trip to the mall is a little tough, 10 hours is going to be insane.There are only so many times “I spy with my little eye…” can keep ANY kid entertained and let’s face it by the 5th time I have to guess “is it an indicator light on the dashboard?” I just want to kill myself.  To keep the “are we there yet” questions to a minimum, PlaSmart Inc. suggests that parents can keep their kids occupied and entertained while on the road with their new Perplexus 3D game maze challenge.

Named one of the ‘top 15 smartest toys for kids’ by Time Magazine in February 2011, the Perplexus 3D game maze is the bendy, trendy, can’t put-it-down 3D maze game where players must maneuver a marble around very challenging bridges and barriers inside a large-sized transparent sphere. Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Perplexus challenges players like no maze has before, with numerous paths to choose from and dozens of barriers to overcome… offering hours of entertainment and fun.

“The best travel toys are quiet, do not have a lot of parts that can get lost or scattered under seats, and can engage a child for extended periods of time,” says Timothy Kimber, President, PlaSmart Inc. “They are also compact so they can be packed easily and don’t take up a lot of room in the car.  All three Perplexus maze challenges fit these criteria nicely, and best of all, they can be enjoyed equally by kids and their parents.”

There are three Perplexus challenges two of them are new this spring, The Perplexus Rookie (around $19.99), is for newcomers and younger players and features 74 barriers to overcome.  The Perplexus Epic ($29.99), is for those looking for the ultimate 3D maze challenge and features 125 difficult barriers to overcome and of course the previously reported on Perplexus Original ($15.00), featuring 100 barriers to beat.

Now if we just didn’t have to make a stop at every single rest area on I-95.


Perplexus is available at and is for ages 4 to 104.


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