Corner Drifting Go Cart


Ever played Mario Kart and drifted around the track, tackling those corners at insane speeds? Well, if you want to have a taste of real life action, then you can always take up actual go karting – or in this case, fork out $349.95 for the Corner Drifting Go Cart.

This is an electric-powered go-cart that will let you execute drifting slides into corners, impromptu straightaway fish tails, and perform nimble 180º hairpin turns without missing a beat. The rear tires of this puppy relies on injection-molded polyoxymethylene, a thermoplastic that was engineered using a low coefficient of friction, albeit being high abrasion- and heat-resistant.

That allows the tires to slip during turns without “burning rubber.” It also boasts of an electric motor that delivers ample torque to propel a rider up to 140 lbs. at a top speed of 12 mph. The U-shaped steering yoke will also be accompanied by a hand brake for the rear wheels and a variable-speed throttle. With a a rugged steel frame and a bucket seat, you need no rocket science degree to assemble this for your kid (or yourself).

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