Accidentally Ingest some Poison? – There’s an App for That


What do you do if your kid drinks acetone? is stung by a jellyfish or drinks bleach? Do you induce vomiting? and what would be the best way to do that? Now, everyone with a smartphone can immediately find answers to these types of questions and more, by using the new SOS Poison app. This app is now available for your iPhone.

The SOS Poison application for smartphones contains an alphabetic list of around 250 toxic substances. For each substance, there are instructions on what to do if someone has ingested it. In addition, the app also contains a list of more than 70 toxic plants and each of the plants has a clear photo next to it, so that users can immediately recognize which plant it is that your kid decided to eat. The app also provides advice on ticks, snakes, jellyfish, bees or wasps and there’s even a separate chapter with prevention tips and other relevant information.

“This app is of course intended for parents, but is certainly also useful for teachers, sports instructors and others who deal with children,” says publisher Don Veldkamp.

“An important advantage of the app is the ease with which new advice or altered insights can be implemented. We can therefore continuously keep the app up-to-date,” says Veldkamp.

Once purchased, the SOS Poison app is constantly updated for free, via the app store.

I prefer to think of it as a “I’ll drive at a safe speed to the hospital app” because I might have enough info to know I’m not involved in a life or death emergency… and that’s pretty good, isn’t it?

The SOS Poison app can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes App store for only $ 4.99.



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