Robocup Golf Ball Return Robot

You know what? If you love practicing your putting, then you had better be a good shot – otherwise you would end up spending more time retrieving those wayward golf balls instead of “celebrating” your successes. Of course, there is always the option of training a dog to let it do all the retrieving, but it doesn’t really help in a way since you will end up with dog slobber all over your balls.
Enter the Robocup Golf Ball Return Robot. This £42.99 purchase must have been on the “must have” list for plenty of golfers for the longest time already, where it was specially designed to eliminate backache from putting practice. Capable of fitting inside any standard-depth golf cup, it will ping your ball back (14 feet or more depending on green speed) thanks to its patented battery operated ball-slinger.
At least it frees up more time for you to perfect your putt instead of retrieving balls, right?