JetLev Flyer – are you Richie Rich?


If you so happen to inherit a really large sum of money from your late uncle Horatio and do not know what to do with it since nothing in life really appeals to you, how about purchasing a real adrenaline rush of a ride with the JetLev Flyer? We are talking about this £115,000 vehicle – or rather, personal mode of transportation, where it allows you to jet about above water – forget about the plebians who are messing on the water, they will definitely stop in their tracks just to see who the new kid on the block is.

This is a revolutionary personal flying machine works that is made out of a carbon-fibre body, where the JetLev will be tethered through a flexible supply hose to a separate boat-like unit that features a 4-stroke engine to move around. This is enough to whoosh pressurized water into the jetpack, which in turn will generate thrust by nozzle reaction force – to put it in layman’s terms, it is rather similar to riding a pair of high-powered, easy-to-control fire hoses. Better get this approved by the missus first though if you are thinking of blowing your life savings on it, lest you get sent to the divorce lawyer sooner than expected.

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