emWave2 launches this week

We have reported on the emWave before, a personal stress reliever that I have tried out for myself. The user puts his or her finger on the emWave sensor, and a red light or a green light tells the user where he or she is relaxed. Even though most devices would have a second generation by now, the emWave2 by HeartMath is better late than never.
The emWave2 works in the same manner as its predecessor with the finger sensor, and the user must develop a breathing sequence based on heart rhythms and emotions. I’m not certain if this is new to the device, but it also features Quick Coherence, an emotion-refocusing technique, to help “increase coherence levels as well as sharpen one’s ability to transform stress on-demand”.
The emWave2 also has the option of computer interface, so that the user can track his or her progress through storing session information. You can store and review session information for comparing coherence levels over time to see if your stress levels go down.
The price of the original emWave was $199. Yes, that could be a source for stress, and I can’t help but wonder if the price of the emWave2’s $229 price tag can protect you from the greater stress on your wallet. You can pick it up on the HeartMath site now.