Dynamic Sound Radio Clock


Forget about traditional radio clocks – here is the Dynamic Sound Radio Clock which ought to bring something new to the table (literally). After all, this radio clock is capable of producing dynamic sound quality that is unmatched by common models, where the latter tends to produce flat, tiny noise. Audio innovator Tivoli is the brains behind this, where it depends on a heavy weight magnet in its 3″ full-range speaker that delivers robust, mellifluous sound which is capable of filling a room with crisp highs and balanced mids.

Not only that, with a built-in bass reflex port, that will do its bit to provide enhanced bass. With an external antenna that can extend by another 25″, it offers superior FM signal reception and lock onto distant stations while the radio’s digital tuner will be able to employ a greater degree of de-emphasis to improve overall signal-to-noise ratio.

The radio clock’s other features include a single button wheel, a remote control power, volume, AM/FM tuning, and selection of up to five station presets. There is a 3″ display with adjustable backlight to let you know of the time, station, and RDS-derived station name. Housed in a walnut cabinet, it does not run on batteries but will need to be plugged into a power outlet. The Dynamic Sound Radio Clock can be yours today for $199.95.

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