Puppy Robotic concept vacuum makes Roombas into cute pets

by Mark R

Considering that most of us have Roombas or other robot vacuums patrolling our floors in search of stray dirt, it almost seems like they are pets in some households. This particular concept device really takes the pet vacuum cleaner to a whole new level with Puppy Robotic. You can probably see how it works.

Puppy Robotic has a quartet of robotic pups that are dependent on one mother dog. The robo puppies are dispatched in teams in order to take on very small dust and debris, and they can enter into a lot of nooks and crannies that other robot vacuum cleaners cannot enter. Once the puppies are full, or if their batteries get too low, they go to the mother pup to empty their load and/or recharge.

Apparently, these puppies can do more than just suck. Feel free to ignore that bad joke and understand that the pups can be “played with”.

This is one of those devices that feels like it is out of that scene in The Fifth Element, where Zorg smashes a glass just to see the robot cleaners. “What a lovely ballet ensues”, he says. This is what these puppies would be.

Yes, it’s nice to see puppies that can clean up a mess for once. I don’t know why the docking station thing doesn’t look more like a real dog, like the individual pups look like puppies.


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