Children’s Water Ski Trainer

Have you read the Water Babies? For those of you who grew up during the last decade of the previous century, there is a chance that you might have come across that tome in your reading list, but the chances of that happening is pretty slim, I do admit. Guess you can more or less make a guesstimate of my age by me bringing up the Water Babies, but there is a reason to this method of madness – after all, I’m trying to talk about the Children’s Water Ski Trainer here.
Start them young, start them right – that ought to be the mantra that parents follow when it comes to instilling a value or habit in little ones. The Children’s Water Ski Trainer is actually an inflatable trainer which will teach your child the fundamentals of water skiing – all within an enjoyable, non-threatening manner. Instead of leaving a nasty first impression of one struggling with skis in the water, all your child needs to do is step into the trainer from the boat, take off from a stable seated position, and they’re good to go.
The trainer boasts of a wide platform, a padded handle, and foot bindings that will help your precious one quickly learn how raise him/herself to a standing position, as well as mastering the nuances of shifting his/her weight to perform turns. Of course, this $169.95 purchase will require an observer (an adult normally) in the boat while holding a 40′ tow rope for it to be immediately released after a spill.