The Icon Link: A bright light in a small package

by Mark R

There is no end to miniature flashlights, and since we will always need them, there will always be a market for them. I got a chance to try out the Link from Icon, and it is quite a light.

It has a light output of about 50 lumens or 6 lumens. I turned off the lights to try it for myself, and I was surprised at how bright it actually was. The circle of light it made illuminated pretty much any dark in the way, and I made the mistake of looking directly into the light. You know those spots you see after looking at the sun? I saw them for a little bit after looking into the Icon Link.

I am assuming that the bright output is a result of the Solid Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens for creating a smooth focused beam. Another cool feature is the power-regulated LED which can maximize output and runtime, and “never needs replacing”.

The Icon Link is sealed with O-rings, and is waterproof to one meter for about 30 minutes. It also has the handy clip that you see there which actually goes along the body of the flashlight rather than at the end of it, like most mini-flashlights.

The ICON Link Dual-Output LED Flashlight is available on Amazon for about $20-30, depending on what deal is going on with it. It runs on a AA battery, which is included.

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