Fanbrella shields you from sun and rain and more


Everyone knows that going out under the sun can be quite harmful for your skin – so slapping on a generous dollop of anti-UV rays is always a good idea. The Fanbrella from Hammacher offers you not only protection from the sun (and rain, of course), it also comes with the added advantage of a built-in fan right inside – hence its name.

The integrated motorized fan with a UV-reflecting canopy results in this being a carry-along haven on hot summer days. There is a button which is conveniently located at the bottom of the handle which will activate a quiet three-blade fan under the canopy, where it rotates up to 650 rpm in order to produce a refreshing downdraft. When you close the Fanbrella, the fan’s blades themselves will collapse along the umbrella’s shaft for added convenience. Since the umbrella’s shaft and ribs are made out of plastic that deliver sturdy support, they will not rust like metal. Powered by half a dozen AA batteries, these will deliver up to 5.5 hours of non-stop cooling. Seems to be more battery-hungry than my classic Game Boy Color…

The Fanbrella can be yours for a cooling $79.95.

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