Color Adjusting Illuminated Vase


Until someone comes up with a color-changing flower so that you can always have a different on other days, I guess we will just have to make do with the Color Adjusting Illuminated Vase. Hey, don’t look at me this way – at least you can have a different cycle of colors for the vase instead of the flowers, giving you a change either way.

This vase was specially customized to illuminate in up to 300 different colors, now how about that? Of course, I am quite sure that some of the color differences would be so subtle, you can hardly tell anything has changed especially when fourteen LEDs (six white and eight colored) are used within the rim.

The LEDs will cast a solid hue or transition seamlessly through the colors in two- or eight-second intervals, and since it is cordless, this means you won’t run into trouble of people tripping all over it. A rechargeable battery powers this puppy, where the vase is able to illuminate up to 12 hours after a 10-hour charge – at least the law of diminishing returns does not apply to this $179.95 addition to your home.

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