VIA AMOS-5001 Chassis Kit for Slim Em-ITX Embedded Systems


Anyone who has built their own computer would definitely have come across the name VIA in their pursuit for parts, and the company has not remained dormant or inactive – in fact, they have come up with yet another chassis kit – the VIA AMOS-5001 Chassis Kit for Slim Em-ITX Embedded Systems.

This is touted to be a robust, flexible, and fanless chassis kit, resulting in it being the slimmest and most compact chassis design in the world when you take the wide range of x86 64-bit embedded computing applications into consideration.

Just how slim or small is it? For starters, it measures a mere 35.2mm in height and 231mm in widfth, making it slim enough to be slotted into even the most space-constrained environment. Systems that are built using the VIA AMOS-5001 are also tough cookies in their own right, being shock resistant and is able to withstand even the most extreme temperatures.

The VIA AMOS-5001 chassis kit will come with a unique modular design that comprises of just a quartet of mechanical parts which ensures the easy integration of VIA EITX-3001 series mainboards. If you want to throw in a 2.5″ hard drive, there is an optional storage subsystem chassis to fulfill that need.

Nice to know that VIA has already readied the VIA AMOS-5001 at the moment, where it is targeted at a wide range of embedded segments including medical, POI/POS, digital signage, kiosk, industrial and building automation, and gaming and surveillance applications.

Not only that, the VIA AMOS-5001 chassis kit proves its toughness by being able to withstand a wide temperature range of -20°c to 55°c, and can also shrug off G-forces of up to 50. Each VIA AMOS-5001 chassis is easy to assemble and maintain, since it makes use of only four separate mechanical parts to form a slim, robust fanless system.

The VIA AMOS-5001 chassis will merge the unique integrated heatsink design that is commonly found on Em-ITX boards, while a discrete aluminum heatsink will come into direct contact with the processor and chipset on reverse side of the board, resulting in a solid, robust base for chassis assembly. If you so desire, an optional storage compartment can also be added.

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