TRENDnet 450 Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter


TRENDnet has just rolled out a spanking new 450 Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter (also known by the model number TEW-684UB), where it is touted to be the first ultra-high performance 450 Mbps wireless USB adapter in the world. The 450 Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter will be able to upgrade both your desktop and laptop to the highest wireless performance that is available today.

Currently, most computers purchased that come with integrated wireless are more often than not outfitted with either 150 Mbps Wireless N or even slower 54 Mbps Wireless G technology, where they are the bottleneck culprits when you’re connected to a 450 Mbps router. This is what TRENDnet intends to reverse with the TEW-684UB.

Boasting of advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna technology alongside a trio of spatial streams per antenna are able to generate a maximum theoretical wireless throughput of 450 Mbps. You can quickly connect to a 450 Mbps 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless network with but a touch of a button, apart from the convenience of one-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

The inclusion of a 3-foot USB extension cable also makes it easier for you to strategically place the adapter in your home or office, while TRENDnet has also thrown in the WMM Quality of Service (QoS) technology that will do its bit to prioritize gaming, Internet calls, and video streams. LEDs are conveniently located on the front of the adapter to convey device status.

According to Pei Huang, President and CEO of TRENDnet, “In the highly competitive Networking market space, it is fairly difficult to be the first to market with new technology. Thanks to the dedication of all TRENDnet employees, we have brought to market, not only the first 450 Mbps USB adapter, but also the first 450 Mbps router, 450 Mbps Ethernet adapter, and 450 Mbps access point. Now for the first time, TRENDnet gives consumers the opportunity to network all of their devices to a high speed 450 Mbps network.”

If you want to up the ante for wireless performance in your home or office, then the 450 Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter can be yours for a highly affordable $79.99.

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