RCA sets world alight with new portable digital TV receivers


RCA has just introduced a new range of portable digital TV receivers for the masses, where these were specially designed to deliver instantaneous access to local TV news and weather broadcasts to viewers, all coming in a small, affordable package. All models on offer will boast either rechargeable built-in batteries or easily-replaceable AA batteries, although we would prefer the former since that would be more environmentally friendly – albeit the latter being a whole lot more convenient since AA batteries can be purchased from just about anywhere you are in the world.

At present, battery operated portable TV sets have more or less disappeared no thanks to the transition to all digital broadcasting a couple of years ago. Although these new devices were designed for digital TV reception, they cannot let you access low power analog TV signals, albeit with some models being equipped with reception capability for new Mobile DTV viewing that enables one to watch TV while he/she is on the move.

Among the new RCA portable TV models would include the Storm Ready, which is a 3.5″ portable TV that will retail for $89 each. This model (DHT235C) boasts of a bright LED backlit LCD display, standard ATSC digital TV reception, real time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel back stand and silver/black finish cabinet, built-in monopole antenna, and a quartet of AA batteries are able to have it run for up to 3 hours.

As for the 3.5″ Hybrid Portable Television (DMT335R), this $119 purchase will share the same size as the DHT235C, where it will also come with a bright LED backlit LCD screen, in addition to Mobile DTV capability apart from having standard ATSC digital TV reception. Running on AC power if you run out of four AA batteries, other hardware specifications include a real time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel back stand and bronze/black finish, English/Spanish display and a built-in monopole antenna.

Any takers for RCA’s latest offerings?

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