Hydrocycle lets you move around easily on water


Like to sweat things out, especially when you’re trying to keep your New Year’s resolution of keeping fit and trim into the second quarter of the year? That is what the Hydrocycle is for – this watercraft will allow one to get around on water in a manner that is as easy as riding a bicycle. Your rider’s pedals will move around to spin a 12″ propeller which will help drive the Hydrocycle smoothly on rivers, lakes, or oceans at speeds of up to 6mp – that is as fast as paddling a canoe or kayak, although you will be less tired for it.

The Hydrocycle boasts of seamless polyethylene pontoons that were developed by a professional canoe designer for optimum buoyancy, speed, and stability. Operating in less than a foot of water, it is no slouch either, being able to handle 3′ ocean swells as well. Of course, it makes perfect sense to wear a life jacket at all times with this, not to mention you’d better have the ability to swim as well.

With a 17″ powder-coated aluminum frame that comes with a quick release seat clamp that will adjust the seat height, the Hydrocycle will also be accompanied by twin storage compartments alongside cup holders to prevent gear from becoming waterlogged. The $3,600 asking price might be a wee bit too much for most folks, however – what do you think?

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