Fanbrella provides both shade and wind

by Mark R

The umbrella is one of humanity’s oldest inventions, and there is evidence of it in Ancient Egypt. I would imagine that back in Egyptian times, it didn’t get used for blocking the ran, but sunshine.

Most of the times in present-day America, the only time that I see an umbrella is when it rains. Very few Americans use them for shade, but for those that are mocked for doing so, the Fanbrella can do more than just block out the rays of the sun.

The Fanbrella keeps you cool with a built-in fan that spins at 650 rpm right underneath the canopy. This enables the user to stay cool with a handheld air conditioning, so if anyone is laughing because you’re using an umbrella for shade, then don’t let them stand underneath it.

In case you are curious, the fan blades will collapse when the umbrella is folded in. I’m sure that you also might be wondering what powers the fan blades, and it needs six AA batteries for five and a half hours of spinning.

What I don’t know is if the spinning fan blades can get caught in your hair. Usually, the frame of my umbrella catches my hair, and I would imagine that spinning fan blades might make it worse. If you’re willing to risk it, then you should be able to purchase it for about $79.95.


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