DaGeDar Supercharged Battle Balls Started Rolling In Today…


Cepia LLC, the makers of everybody’s favorite ZhuZhu Pets, have taken the age old game of marbles and brought it into the new millenium. DaGeDar supercharged battle balls combine speed, skill, competition and encourage strategy all in a collectible racing game that lets kids set the rules. DaGeDar just launched in Phoenix but won’t be hitting a store near you until this summer.

DaGeDar (pronounced DAH-geh-DAAR) collectible supercharged battle balls have a special feel and weight that the company tells us, almost demand to be raced! Each DaGeDar battle ball boasts a graphic design that reflects the true energy contained within. More than 240 different DaGeDar ball graphics are planned for release this year, with varying degrees of rarity. Each ball carries a special code number that when registered on the DaGeDar.com website will instantly reveal the true spirit contained within the ball, as well as its hidden powers. Check out the video after the jump.

Racing the DaGeDar balls require skill, practice, agility and finesse. Players must control the speed and velocity of the balls in order to propel them through thrilling loops and turns without forcing the balls off the tracks. Exciting tricks and stunts can be refined by whirling DaGeDar balls in Spinners or loading several balls into Battle Launchers to unleash them with supercharged battle play. Watch them HERE.

DaGeDar lets you experience the ferocity and velocity of hundreds of battle-hungry spirits and their unique 33rd dimension world. The DaGeDar balls, tracks and spinners will be sold separately with the balls and track sets ranging in price from $4.99-$19.99. DaGeDar will be available nationally this summer beginning with retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us.

Source: www.dagedar.com

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