E FUN Next5 Android-powered tablet

The iPad has certainly done its bit to bring tablet popularity to new heights – just take a look at the explosive growth of this once niche market and tell us otherwise. E FUN joins in on the fun (pun not intended) with the Next5 Android tablet that will ship with the company’s patented APEN digital pen that has been integrated into the tablet itself.
The Next5 is the latest device and will be part of E FUN’s Nextbook line, sporting a 7” TFT touch-screen color display, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, multimedia functionality, an eBook Store app, as well as the SlideME application manager that comes as a pre-loaded software. As mentioned earlier, this is the first Android tablet that will come with an integrated digital pen.

Since it is sleek and lightweight, it won’t be a problem for you to tote it around anywhere and everywhere you go – as long as the battery lasts, that is. Specifications-wise, this isn’t too hot compared to some of the more powerful and branded tablets out there, but at least it offers a decent performance level and an affordable price. You will find the Next5 come with 2GB of built-in memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, a microSD memory card slot, MP3 playback, photo viewing capabilities, a G-sensor and integrated speakers with a microphone.
The standard-shape patented APEN digital pen will allow you to perform real-time computer annotation of digital photos, mark documents, add electronic signatures, creating handwritten emails if a virtual keyboard is not your cup of tea. Not only that, the special transmitter and software will digitize handwriting and hand-drawn images, so that they can be shared with others over email in a jiffy.
For $279.99, the Next5 will come with accessories such as a USB cable, protective case, AC adaptor, stylus, 5”x8” note pad and instruction guide.
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