Amplified Answering Machine

Are you hard of hearing, or thinking of what gift to get for grandma or grandpa during the coming Mother’s and Father’s Day? The Amplified Answering Machine might be just the right ticket item for them (and to earn brownie points on your behalf), where it will amplify played back messages by up to 30 decibels more for easier hearing. The amplification can also be adjusted by up to 10 different levels, where it will play back messages at three speed settings.
This would mean you can slow down the rate of speech for better comprehension and listening. Capable of holding up to 30 minutes of messages, these messages will be time-stamped in a clear, audible voice. With a call screening function that lets you listen to a caller, it allows you to leave a message without having to answer. Capable of storing 3-minute memo recordings, the Amplified Answering Machine will retail for $59.95.