Scosche Industries announces Scosche freeKEY

Ever heard of Scosche Industries before? The peripheral manufacturing company has just come up with the Scosche freeKEY, which in essence is a wireless keyboard for Bluetooth-enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones. After all, tablets and the majority of smartphones these days come with touchscreen capability, so it can be quite hard getting used to a virtual keyboard since you have been using a standard keyboard for the longest time already, where you are in love with the tactile feedback received on your fingertips instead of just haptic vibration.
The Scosche freeKEY is also water resistant, making it ideal to work whenever you are on-the-go, and boasts of a range of up to 30 feet – this figure, we would presume, would mean having it work without any obstacles or walls in between, where that would definitely drop the working range by quite a drastic distance. When you are done with it, just roll it up and you’re good to go, stashing it away easily in either a backpack or a purse.

Made out of silicone, the Scosche freeKEY will play nice with the Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity standard, where it is compatible with the following operating systems – iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows. When you pair it up with a particular device, the freeKEY will go ahead and re-pair automatically with said device the next time the keyboard comes to life, making it as dummy proof as possible. Not only that, Scosche has also thrown in a retractable USB to micro-USB charge cable to make charging a snap wherever you are.
Add on this accessory into your wish list for $59.99, and of course if you happen to receive this as a present from someone, it is about time you get a Bluetooth-enabled device, don’t you think so, especially since you have been stuck in the last century with an old school featurephone?
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