Personal Cooling Collar


Feeling hot under the collar? You might want to have something to help you out when the hot summer arrives with the Personal Cooling Collar. As the name of this gizmo suggests, it is something personal that will produce a cooling breeze across your neck, making sure you have a cool head to think with even when the situation gets out of hand. The collar is capable of holding up to 4 ounces of water, and with an internal fan that generates evaporative cooling right across the back of your neck and base of your head, you will more or less be guaranteed that you can make level headed decisions under all circumstances.

We wonder whether this is capable of holding its own in the desert environment with all the dusty action going on, but at $39.95 a pop, we must say the hope of this lasting a long time might be shortlived. The collar’s interior is lined with aluminum which will conduct a cooling sensation onto the back and sides of your neck. Tipping the scales at less than 1 pound, it boasts of a couple of spring-loaded hinges so that it can rest gently and yet securely against your neck. Boasting a two adjustable fan speeds which won’t wake up the dead, an AA battery will power it for up to four hours of non-stop cooling. Just make sure there is adequate water left inside to let it work its magic.

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