Google Docs comes to Android in App form

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when an official Google Reader came to Android, for those Android users who are a big fan of what Gmail can do should probably look into Google Docs for Android.

I’m sure you are familiar with Google Docs, as a text reader and editor on the internet browser of your computer. This dedicated App allows for the creation, editing, and collaborating, but according to my Source, it is more of a document manager than a solid word processor.

However, I downloaded the app, and I tested out typing out a new document, and was able to access it on my laptop later. I also found all of my old documents that I had originally typed on my laptop there and easily accessible.

If nothing else, it does allow the user to do what he or she most likely wants to do, which is search through documents, share them with contacts, and upload and convert the files into the Google documents format. Changes that are made will be done in real-time, and an Internet connection is required to edit new documents.

In other words, the Google Docs App is not really intended for creation, but consumption. I have been getting a lot from this quote since CES. It is available on the Android Marketplace now for a low price of free.


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