Engage Keyboard comes with ErgoMotion


Now here is a moving experience for a computer peripheral if we ever saw one – the Engage Keyboard that comes with ErgoMotion. Retailing for £89.99, it intends to help you alleviate the pain that is normally associated with your wrists when you sit in front of the computer keyboard, hacking away (gracefully or not, it doesn’t matter) for hours on end.

Smartfish is the brains behind this super smart keyboard that sports sophisticated intelligence which will monitor your typing behavior, including the location of keys your fingers dance across the most among others. It is smart enough to determine when to subtly change its position thanks to a patented motorized motion system. These discreet movements means your hands and wrists will never be in the unenviable position of a fixed state whenever you type, kissing the dreaded three letter acronym RSI goodbye – for good.

Typing will never be the same again with the Engage Keyboard, and all it takes is a single USB connection to have it powered – perfect as that means you will not need any more batteries or wires to do the job.

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