Japanese bus uses personal luxury cocoons

by Mark R

What you are seeing here isn’t the maximum security section of the Imperial detention block. Think of it as the first-class section of a bus line.

The Willer Express, a bus with a route from Osaka to Tokyo, is a twelve seater bus that has luxury seat modules that are appropriately named cocoons. The relaxation pods are able to recline 140 degrees, and have a personal entertainment system, power outlets, even Wi-Fi.

The best part about it is that each passenger is totally separated from the other. It doesn’t look like it is completely private, but it is enough so that you don’t feel that you have to talk to a passenger next to you “just to be polite”. You can also take your nap and not worry if anyone notices your drooling problem.

In all honesty, I don’t even think that first class on an airplane is as good as this particular service. This Willer Express actually makes me want to take a bus, rather than fly.

Of course, this costs a little more than your average long-distance bus ride. It costs about $130 for a one way trip, which is about six or seven hours, which is cheaper (but not shorter) than a bullet train.


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