AViiQ Portable Quick Stand

When it comes to the iPhone or iPod, you would surely know by now that there are just too many third party accessories available for either device, ranging from portable speaker docks all the way to cases and skins. Well, we will look at something that is slightly off the beaten path today – the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand. This isn’t any iPod dock, but rather, would be a laptop stand.
This unique peripheral will tip the scales at less than 3.4 oz, while making sure that it will not take up anything more than 3/8 of an inch thick off a measuring tape when folded. Judging by the measurements that you’ve seen so far, you can be sure that the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand has been specially designed in order to fit into just about any bag, and is also capable of playing nice with laptops that measure up to 17 inches in size.

What the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand does is not to rehash the same old – instead, it will rethink along the lines of traditional design, throwing away what is not required (the bulk in this case) while retaining both usability and practicality. Inspired by the principles and flexibility of origami, an ancient Japanese art of paper folding, the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is able to turn quickly from a slim flat sheet to the optimal ergonomic angle thanks to the expansion and collapse that are instantaneous when required.
According to Alan Yeung, Co-Founder of AViiQ, “Even though some stands are designed to support laptops efficiently, they are generally not meant for travel. The AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is a combination of ultimate portability, optimal usability and elegant minimalistic design, perfect for business travelers, creative professionals, students, or anybody who uses a laptop.”
The inclusion of an ergonomic angle will do its bit to reduce strain on the wrist, whereas the characteristic design helps increase air flow to dissipate heat and improve battery life. Not only that, the German-made Hylite material that is comprised of aluminum sheets bonded to a polypropylene core will do more than its bit to deliver extreme durability without having to sacrifice on flexibility, portability and stylishness. The AViiQ Portable Quick Stand will come in Onyx Black, Cadet Gray, Chartreuse Green, Cerulean Blue and Magenta colors, where they retail for $39.99 a pop.
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