PooPoo Paper Company – Adds to the Crap on your Desk


Let me introduce you to the PooPoo Paper Company, manufacturing recycled and odorless paper products made from elephant poo, the company also makes a load of other paper products, all from poo derived from large fiber eating animals. Think horses, cows and the very exclusive, panda poo.

They start by collecting readily available poo from various wildlife parks, and then they convert it to paper, which they sell as stationary, greeting cards, notepads, photo albums and holiday cards, because nothing says Happy Holidays like a card made out of poop. I’d like to point out that a portion of the proceeds go to elephant conservation and welfare programs, which help foster healthy and happy animals who keep, giving us, um,  more raw paper materials, and the cycle continues… with a single elephant turd being made into about 25 sheets of stationary. 

Of course as you must have already imagined, poo poo paper doesn’t smell anything like, well, poop, because the company first lets the waste dry out completely and then thoroughly rinses it. What’s leftover is merely the fibrous remains of the plants that the elephants consume, which is an amazingly great source material for paper production.

So its a nifty, non stinky environmentally friendly, renewable source of paper products that benefit us, and our animal friends.

So visit the “poo-tique” and get yourself some poop paper today, prices for poo products start at around $10.00 bucks, with new Poo Poo Paper roses coming soon. Just be careful you don’t step in it….


Source: www.poopoopaper.com


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