Chargepad wireless charger from Panasonic: Not what you might think

by Mark R

This is the Chargepad from Panasonic, and it is a wireless charger. We have seen wireless chargers like the Wildcharger and Powermat before, and I’m sure you probably know the drill.

You know, you put the mobile device on the pad, usually with a sleeve of some kind, or connect it with a wire, and electricity courses through it and conveniently charges it, blah blah blah. This particular one is made to charge other chargers.

Say what what? You heard me correctly, and the Chargepad is made to be compatible with two models, the QE-PL101-W and the QE-PL201-W. These are mobile devices that are meant to charge other mobile devices on the go.

If you are the type who is constantly on the go with their devices and has very little time to spend at your personal Base of Operations, I guess that having a device like this really makes sense. It also looks like this device is Qi certified, which is an industry standard of wireless charging. I believe that if Qi gets established everywhere, there will be no need for sleeves for charging mobile devices on charging pads. It looks like this is the case for these chargers here, but I don’t have confirmation of that.

For those who are interested in this, it is available in Japan for about $110-130 on June 24th.


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