Fraunhofer IPMS OLED microdisplay-based eyetracking HMD

For those of you that don’t know what HMD is, it is an acronym for Head Mounted Device. This particular HMD has a microdisplay, like the Lumus PD-20 that we reported on a while ago.
This odd-looking set of eyeglasses that looks like something from an 80s science-fiction film poster is from Fraunhofer IPMS, and it can do eyetracking thanks to its sensors and integrated photodetectors.
The bi-directional microdisplay can be used for augmented reality applications, just like certain apps like Layar. I suppose that the end result of this is some sort of analyzer that gives us an Iron Man point of view. I can live with that.
I must admit that the frame for this HMD looks kind of crude, like it was built by Matrix refugees. If a sleeker, more practical version of this electric monocle could be made, then perhaps we have something that might have practical application in the real world.
So, is this the face of the future? If so, then I don’t see why you can’t put two of these special lenses together and make some augmented reality glasses. Then I suppose we will live in a world where we will never have to ask what anything is, because the augmented reality (AR) glasses will tell us.
Yes, the future looks bright, and I have to wear AR shades.