Zyclone Zing Ring Blaster

If you want to spend more time outdoors instead of indoors this coming summer, you’d do your best to be prepared for the situation – and in this case, we’re talking about having some fun with the Zyclone Zing Ring Blaster right in your garden or backyard.
For £16.99 a pop, this device allows you to spin across a massive 60 meters, now that’s surely a long distance by any means, even for your dog to chase down after it if you so desire. The Zyclone Zing Ring Blaster will require you to load up the blaster, where it will send the soft zipping across the sky for more than 60 meters. Of course, there is the matter of retrieving it, but that’s the whole point to it, right? You’re supposed to sweat it out by doing so, or you can always get two people to play with you so that retrieval is made much easier.