Magellan eXplorist Pro 10 announced


Magellan intends to make another entry into the GIS market with their latest device, the eXplorist Pro 10. Just what is the Magellan eXplorist Pro 10 made out of? For starters, it has been described to be a “rugged, lightweight and waterproof GPS handheld device” that was specially designed for GPS/GIS data collection. Among that hardware specifications of the eXplorist Pro 10 would be a vibrant 3″ WQVGA transflective color touchscreen display, coupled with a 533MHz processor and 128MB RAM – where all of it combined is more than enough to deliver the relevant power required to work with maps and large data sets in a compact-handheld form factor.

As for other hardware specifications, the eXplorist Pro 10 will also be equipped with 4GB of onboard storage that can be further expanded to a cool 32GB as long as you slot in a microSD memory card. This would go some way in enabling large data sets including aerial photos so that they can be loaded in a jiffy.

When they say rugged, probably the minimum picture that comes to your mind would be having it come in a shockproof case while being able to withstand rain and some water – and you are correct, as the eXplorist Pro 10 will ship with a rugged IPX-7 waterproof casing that shakes off minor knocks without missing a beat. Not only that, it is lightweight in nature, making it the ideal GIS data collection handheld device for GIS professionals who want to collect GPS/GIS data.

The Pro 10 is capable of delivering 3 to 5 meters accuracy in real-time thanks to its internal GPS receiver, or you can opt for it to function with a supported Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver in order to achieve sub-meter or 1-3 meter accuracy.

Thanks to its integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, users are able to hook up laser rangefinders, barcode scanners, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices for convenient cable-free solutions. There is also a 3.2-megapixel camera which is used to capture geotagged photos and video, while an on-board voice recorder is able to let you enjoy hands-free note taking.

Other specifications include a 3D compass, pressure altimeter and barometer. Now for the more interesting part – how much juice can the two AA batteries offer? We’re looking at up to 15 hours, now how about that? A standard Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system runs the Pro 10 in terms of operating system, and it will be available for $699.99.

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NOAH KERTICH Says: April 16, 2011 at 1:06 pm

The pro 10 will upgrade my explorist100 which acted as peace meditor (an article GPS challenge which was published on GPSWORLD MAGAZINE April 2011).
Magellan is the best, accuracy! YES.
Am longin to have one.

Tom Says: November 7, 2011 at 9:43 pm

Who is Magellan kidding? After all the hype and because the price seemed to good to be true, I bought a Pro 10. Yep, it was too good to be true. This device would even make a casual user mad. It is so bad that Magellan sent me another one because the first one was so unreliable. The second one is no different. Unless you turn it off, it won’t wake up from suspend mode unless you remove the batteries. The compass is a joke, it just spits out errors. Do they really think that professionals will buy this? Unless you want to be a Magellan alpha tester, don’t waste your money.

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