Lift’n Buddy saves your back


For those who work in industries where you need to carry and transport heavy packages from one place to another using your hands, chances are you would have seen a chiropractor before to make sure those slipped discs are put back into their rightful position. Aching backs, sore muscles – those could be prevented or turned into a thing of the past with the Lift’n Buddy.

Basically, this will blow the performance of hand trucks, two-wheelers and lifting devices out of the water, since this mobile lifting device will merge the best of a standard two-wheeler’s durability and functionality alongside automatic lifting and lowering capabilities. Folks who have had previous experience with hand trucks will definitely find this electric hand truck to be a boon.

The Lift’n Buddy is tipped to ship with multiple attachments and options, where being highly customizable for proper ergonomics and safety, there is a configuration for just about anyone who needs in in their particular line of work.

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