The Flying Nano could be the cheapest way to fly

This is the FlyNano, a boat that is also a plane designed by Aki Suokas.
The FlyNano is made of pure carbon fiber, and it is one of the lightest single-person aircrafts ever made at 154 pounds. It is capable of flying through the air for 43 miles on a gas-powered engine of 24bhp and 35bhp, and 25 miles on the electric model. The top speed is about 87 miles per hour, and it is probably one of the smallest aircrafts at 15.7 feet and a height of 4.9 feet.
It definitely looks quite fun for some water sports, like a Jet-ski that can fly. By the way, I have heard that no pilot’s license is required to fly these things.
Are you serious? The thing has a huge propeller in front of it, and no one wants me to properly learn how to use it? If that is true, then maybe the whole relationship of humanity to flying vehicles is about to take an interesting turn.
At first I thought that this was some sort of concept vehicle that will never see the light of day, but I have just heard from my Source that this FlyNano is going to be shipping in about three months. I don’t have a price, but I hope it is low enough to get me up in the air.