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Bizzy, the personalized local business recommendation engine powered by people with similar tastes, launched a new mobile location-based “Check Out” feature, which lets you quickly and easily denote your response to every business you visit. Then the sentiment that you have shared about the business that you visited will let others know what you thought about the place and it will help Bizzy give YOU recommendations for the next time you’re out and about.

“Bizzy’s new ‘Check Out’ is very different than other location apps that focus on WHERE you went. Bizzy’s focus is on how you liked where you went,” says Aaron Strout, author of the upcoming book “Location-Based Services for Dummies.” “I’ll keep checking in with Foursquare or Gowalla when I go out, but I’m also going to ‘Check Out’ with Bizzy to keep a record of my favorite places, let my friends know how it went, and help Bizzy learn more about my tastes.”

“We’ve designed ‘Check Outs’ to let users share their opinion of a place in the same amount of time it takes to sign a credit card slip or wait for your date to get back from the bathroom. You don’t have to wait to get home to write up a review anymore.”

To “Check Out” from a business, you just tap on the “Check Out” button on the Bizzy mobile app and then tell Bizzy how you liked the place by using the smiley face scale: the “happy face :),” the “meh face :|,” or the “sad face :(.” you can also leave a tip with your “Check Out,” letting future visitors know a little something extra about the location, or food, or other special insider information including some pictures if you’d like.

So download the Bizzy mobile app for iPhone or Android smartphones and start “checking out” then you can let Bizzy recommend the best places for you to eat, shop and play. Did I mention it’s free? but right now it’s only here in the U.S.A.



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