18 Foot Splashing Soaker Slide

No idea on what to do with your back yard that is currently home to plenty of weeds, with some dog poop randomly deposited because Fido has a free reign of the area? You might want to take stock of the situation with the 18 Foot Splashing Soaker Slide then, as this inflatable water slide will be able to give your kids (as well as their friends in the neighborhood) a time of their lives, soaking them with a fusillade of water from a built-in water squirter.
Hand- and foot-holds have been incorporated into the side of the slide’s tower, delivering easy climbing access for the more agile little ones. An inflated archway at the top will also come with a handlebar squirter that enables children to shower sliders and wet the slide so that no one’s butt gets heat burns in the process of having fun. A couple of bumps on the slide will deposit riders into the 6′ wide x 10″ deep pool.
Of course, $599.95 might seem a little steep in these economically challenging times, but what price do you put on your kids’ happiness?