Even Paul Bunyan would be threatened by the Jawsaw

You know how a lot of chainsaws have the giant exposed blade that is a definite occupational hazard? The JawSaw by Worx is a safer alternative to this, but doesn’t exactly work on the biggest of trees.
As you can see in the picture, the claw has closed area where the whirling blades can work. If you have a branch that is less than four inches wide, it can sever it right off.
Yeah, four inches is not much, but I suppose that this could serve as a model for other vehicles that could seriously take out thicker trees. Could anyone hold a larger version of the JawSaw? Maybe it could be put on the end of a tank, or something. Of course, aren’t we trying to save trees from being chopped down, or something?
Yeah, I think that we are all trying save the earth, and Worx JawSaw does that a little as it runs on electricity rather than gas. Well, that is one good thing.
I think that I can see a horror movie where the slasher villain is wielding a JawSaw and hacking off limbs at will. If he wants to go for the killing blow, then he can just use the Machete Slingshot.

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  1. Not sure if you saw this but there’s a spoof site on the JawSaw that looks a lot like their infomercial site. zombie.jawsaw.com It’s worth a look. Very funny. Might want to add zombie defense to the list of uses … “… It cuts trees, bushes but wait that’s not all … as an added bonus it’s great for zombies too!”

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