I have found my dream job, and it is in Inventionland

by Mark R

You might look at these photos to the left and think that this is some sort of amusement park, but it is actually a place of business.

Apparently, this company manages to put out 2,000 inventions every year, which is enough to make Thomas Alva Edison green with envy. The creator, George Davison, made Inventionland as a 70,000 square foot office with various themed areas like a pirate ship, tree house, castle, and even a giant robot.

The purpose of the amusement park is to help keep the employees’ creative juices flowing. I find that hard to believe, because the definition of “amusement” derives from the word “muse” and the prefix “a”, which means negate. So, while most amusement parks encourage pure mindless fun, Inventionland encourages Fun with a Purpose more than Highlights magazine.

I find it hard to believe that such a place like this actually exists! I mean, it is a fun place to work that makes inventions. This place looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie or the television show Pushing Daisies. (Try and find episodes of that show if you can, by the way.)

Okay, I’ve got to get an application for employment. If only I had more ideas for inventions that were not as ridiculous as Kramer from Seinfeld.


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