Day/Night Mug


Want to have two mugs for the price of one? That’s easily done with the Day/Night Mug, where £12.99 will net you this rather cool looking piece of drinking equipment that is set to let you stand out from the rest of your colleagues in the office pantry.

When it is cool and residing in the cupboard (or having an ice cold liquid inside), then you will find that the global surface shown is dark, with some lights in major cities there for realism’s sake. In order to play God, just pour some hot water inside to mix your favorite cup of Java, and speak the powerful words, “Let there be light!”, and you will find that this heat-reactive mug will transform into the standard blue world map. No idea on how many times the transformations can occur before the material starts to lose its ability, but we believe it will be for a long, long time.

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