LEGO Boombox – no blocked up sound from this!


Everyone would surely have come across the perfectly shaped Danish bricks known as LEGO in their lifetime, with most of the involvement coming in when they’re a kid and with their kids many years down the road. Well, it seems that the brand isn’t going to die out anytime soon (far from it, since it is a toy that is limited by your imagination), as there is a new LEGO Boombox released to provide aural entertainment in a cubed form factor.

Retailing for £49.99, the LEGO Boombox is ten times the size of a standard eight stud LEGO brick, and it makes for the perfect living room ornament to boot. Apart from being aesthetically unique, the LEGO Boombox will also be able to handle DVDs, while the integrated AM/FM radio keeps you entertained after you’ve run out of CDs to listen to, as well as the ability to hook up to compatible MP3 players.

Interestingly enough, this device can also stack up with the LEGO Alarm Clock (yet another scaled-up LEGO device). The studs on top of the LEGO Boombox isn’t there for show only, since they can be manipulated to control the volume while tuning in to the AM/FM radio of your choice.

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