Floating Bean Bag Toss Game


Have all those family games that you play with one another gotten boring and stale? Well, in order to spruce things up this coming summer (applicable to those living in the Northern Hemisphere, of course), how about trying out something different? You might want to give the Floating Bean Bag Toss Game a go instead of the usual Hide and Seek or Cowboys and Indians sessions in your backyard.

The name itself gives the game away, although it is going to take some time to pick up the skills and estimates required to perform well in the game. After all, you will need to toss square beanbags through the hole from a reasonable distance, and anything too hard or wayward will probably “reward” you with a nice splash. This is a $39.95 purchase which surprisingly is very affordable, never mind that you can easily cough up 10 times that amount since you’re rich enough to build a pool in your back yard.

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