Would someone manufacture the Tron Light Cycle Board Game

What you see in the photo is a Tron Light Cycle board game, but it is not for sale.
It is a DIY project from Brett King. Apparently, his kids loved the movie Tron Legacy so much, and he loves his kids so much, that he made this for them. Hopefully, you understood that, and you should check out a video of it after the jump.
This little home project has been getting a lot of attention on the web, and can you blame it? I mean, who wouldn’t want a board game version of the light cycle battle with a backlighting and multi-levels.
In fact, how hard would it be just make this thing? Oh man, I’ll bet Disney is just kicking themselves for not thinking of this themselves.
I’m not certain how this game could be played. I mean, do you roll a dice to see how far your bike can go, and then try and surround your opponent? Yeah, that’s the usual procedure for Tron games. I’m not certain what the other vehicles are doing here, but I’m certain there are rules for those. I’m not certain how to do the jumps on these things. There must be some curved wall pieces for that.
Disney, you should contact this guy, and get the board game out before Tron III is made.