DARPA augmented reality goggles

For some reason, whenever I hear DARPA, I always associate it with some nifty technology that may or may not exist.
DARPA is now working on some holographic augmented reality goggles for soldiers. It is apparently designed for those who need constant air support. Apparently, if soldiers need to get that, they have to go through all sorts of radio links, and then some sort of bureaucratic nightmare until it actually comes.
Imagine if a solider could wear this special helmet and see a triangle that represents an F-16. The soldier can then just contact the plane directly, and, depending on the ordnance that the plane is carrying, air support might be given right away. Other information might be given with the help of augmented reality.
DARPA is working with several companies like Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Vuzix to make these goggles. I don’t know if you have heard of Vuzix, but they make these viewing goggles like the VR920. Vuzix plans on making these goggles about 3mm thick.
I wonder if there is any way that Vuzix could make some of these hologoggles for the civilians. I have seen a lot of augmented reality Apps before, so why not something like this?

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