Gyro Stealth Flyer R/C Helicopter


How about spending your spare time with your kid outdoors instead of being cooped up at home, staring at the TV all day long or being fixated on a video game marathon instead? After all, there are benefits of being in the sunlight, and getting your daily dose of vitamin D is one of them (just make sure you use sunblock lest the risk of skin cancer is increased).

Shipping from June 10th onwards, you can place a £39.99 pre-order for the Gyro Stealth Flyer R/C Helicopter that ought to help you move your butt to the great outdoors – or at least to your yard! It will fly in a stable manner that even beginners shouldn’t have any issues trying to keep it up in the air. Thanks to simple controls as well as rugged construction, you will not worry about being unable to pull off tight turns and textbook landings without worrying about breaking this little puppy.

With a 3-channel system, you are able to go head to head with another two helicopters for an aerial dogfight, and if you can’t convince another two of your mates to get one of these, you can always make use of the two cardboard targets shaped liked tanks which comes with each purchase, making them the ideal target practice before you are thrusted into a war-like situation.

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