Big Brother Birdhouse


Love your feathered friends, but you do not want to go through the hassle of building a birdhouse from ground up (or do not know how to)? Good thing there is always a prepaid package, and the Big Brother Birdhouse could fit the bill perfectly. Retailing for £49.99, getting the Big Brother Birdhouse will also let you install it in your home without feeling corny – since those who are busybodies would notice a security camera instead.

Hopefully the birds outside won’t be equally fooled by the exterior that looks like a CCTV camera, and will turn it into their own love nest in due time. Of course, we would expect you to install your own CCTV camera system in addition to this if you’re a paranoid android.

Made out of wood and stainless steel, just make sure you have the heart to place this in a shaded area to avoid over heating the birdhouse. DIY knowledge would come highly recommended of course.

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