Disney’s Haunted Mansion gets an upgrade with some better special effects

by Mark R

I remember riding the Haunted House ride at Disneyland a few decades ago, and I must admit that I thought it was pretty cheesy.

At the end, I believe that I could see mirrors that had holograms of ghosts in them, to make it appear that ghosts were deliberately haunting you personally. The classic ride has recently got an upgrade with some pretty impressive effects.

You can watch the video of it after the jump if you want to see what they have done. The video looks like it was taken by a bunch of tourists, but it is enough to see that they can create some impressive photo magic, in real-time.

A spectator can see the ghosts Ezra, Gus, and Phineas stealing people’s heads and doing odd things to them. For example, it can switch heads of the spectators, and can blow up them like a balloon. I notice that the spectators move their bodies about, and the trick cameras do a good job of filming them headless.

All in all, it is definitely a worthy upgrade to a ride on Disneyland that was out of date quite a while ago. I wonder if it is possible for all the rides at Disneyland to receive such an advanced upgrade. Perhaps this is what they are doing to Star Tours.


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