Takara Tomy’s Manekko P-Chan talking parakeet toy

by Mark R

I’m not certain what Manekko P-Chan means, but according to Takara Tomy, it must mean something like “talking parakeet toy”.

I suppose that this could be a new way to Twitter, and I only say that because it looks like the Twitter logo. At least the blue one does. You can check out how it works on the video directly after the jump.

The P-Chan will repeat what you say twice, just seconds after hearing from you. It has a maximum of four seconds per phrase, but you can also put phrases on it to store in its memory so it can repeat them at random times.

The maximum allotted phrases are three, but spouting them at random will make it sound like a real parakeet. Of course, it will probably do this in the dark, when you are trying to sleep.

By the way, the P-Chan can actually say some pre-programmed sentences. The blue one is a romanticist for saying things like “I love you so much” and such.

Each of these P-Chan artificial parakeets weigh in at 46 grams and is powered by LR44 button batteries. I don’t seem to have a price on these guys, but I am guessing that they will only be available in Japan.


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drdoolittle Says: November 12, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Maybe one day real parakeets will come in pink too!

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