Keyport offers Mini LED for your Keyport Slide


Keyport, the name behind their Keyport Slide V.01, is now putting up on offer their very own Mini LED peripheral – or should we say, accessory? The Keyport Slide was a USB flash drive insert, and so its latest addition, the Mini LED insert, was specially designed to fit securely in the Keyport Slide V.01. Being more than ready to ship to the masses, this lightweight and compact accessory will consolidate keys as well as additional personal items, ranging from a USB flash drive to a bottle opener or LED.

Measuring roughly the same size as that of a standard key fob which holds only one key, the Keyport is more than capable of offering access to each of the half dozen ports using a single slide of a thumb.

With Keyport’s latest water-resistant Mini LED, you will find that a couple of lithium ion batteries used here are more than able to last up to 15 hours of non-stop Care Bear shine. These LEDs are bright enough to illuminate darkened hallways as well as difficult to find keyways, and they will also go their length to shine the light (pun not intended) on the inadequacies of a bulky keychain – obviously bigger is not better in this case.

Tipping the scales at a mere 2.1 ounces when the Keyport is fully loaded, it ought to fit in snugly into your small jeans pocket without missing a beat. Apart from that, Keyport is also more than able to accommodate the vast majority of key types including most high security and chipped auto keys. Good news for those wearing expensive clothes – Keyport will not rip up your pants pockets or stab you in the leg, while doing away with the irritating pocket jingle in the process.

Not only that, Keyport was specially designed to eliminate scratches on the handlebars that happen simply because your keys were dangling around, and you need not tote a separate key to boot. With an optional quick-release lanyard letting you add additional loose items such a car alarm fob, the Keyport is starting to sound like a winner in every department.

Interested parties can pick up the Keyport starter bundle for $79, where that will come with a Keyport Slide V.01, six color Nodes, six key Blades and a detachable quick-release lanyard. If you want the LED light, then that will cost you another $9.99.

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