Songbird launches Songbird Clear sound enhancement device


Songbird has a heart for those who are hard of hearing, hence the rolling out of the Songbird Clear sound enhancement device as part of its range of high quality hearing devices that do not burn a hole in your pocket. Touted to be one of the first of its kind in the world that is available at retail stores for those who want to sharpen their hearing in hard-to-hear situations, we do wonder in amazement at just how good it is supposed to be until we actually give it a go ourselves.

According to Christopher DiCostanzo, President and CEO, Songbird Hearing, Inc., “There have been millions of sound enhancement devices purchased to date, and while they are very inexpensive, they are generally of poor quality. We want to use our technology to change that. Songbird Clear is the first high-quality, low-cost option that uses digital sound processing based on Texas Instruments technology, along with high quality components, to provide outstanding sound quality with low distortion unmatched by any other sound enhancement device.”

What does the Songbird Clear offer? For starters, it comes with a compact behind-the-ear design that makes it more or less invisible when worn, where it will also sport an adjustable cord and soft tip that delivers a comfortable and personal fit. There is also an integrated sound processor which adjusts itself to make soft sounds louder and clearer while keeping loud sounds from getting too loud and distorted.

The Songbird Clear has a patented compression circuit which will automatically limit sounds that exceed safe levels, so you can be sure that your ear drums are spared from any unexpected torture. Ready to use right out of the box, the Songbird Clear will require you to insert a battery and turn it on.

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