Augmented reality helmet shows you bad weather on a sunny day

by Mark R

There’s nothing I like more than the application of augmented reality, especially when mixed with a healthy doses of VR.

What you are seeing here in the picture and the video after the jump is an Augmented Reality Weather helmet from Magic Vision Lab. Using a head tracker and some particle graphics, the user can see what inclement weather would look like in real-time on clear and sunny day.

As you watch the video, you can see the snow fall, but it is falling from a blue sky. The same goes for the hail, but it looks a bit more realistic as the hail can actually be seen staying on the grass. I wonder how long it would take before the ground turns white. Could it do the bad weather over time?

As for the rain, it comes in three forms, one is a small drizzle, the other is a light shower, and then the last being heavy rain. What really amazed me is how it can do stormy weather, with thunder and lightning.

Now, I am not really certain what you would use this for. I suppose it could be used to show what bad whether looks like for making video games. However, I would think that video game designers already know this.


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