Mini Vortex creates phenomenon in front of you


If you happen to love all things X-Men, and are absolutely head over heels whenever Storm shows up, then you might wish to gift her this – the Mini Vortex. The name itself will explain everything, as it is actually a small sized tornado that will rage within the lamp’s ‘ecosystem’, where your eyes will also be mesmerized by all the different colors of red, blue and green alternating for that added touch of variety.

Of course, for £19.99 a pop, this would make for a pretty interesting piece of conversation in your living room whenever you host a social event, where it is also capable of functioning as its own bedside lamp, providing a soothing environment that is perfect for sleeping after a hard night of partying. A silent pump mechanism in the base will create the tiny vortex within, so it won’t tear up your living room by accident.

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